Safe and carefree

Health & Safety

"We do it safely or we don't do it at all". Health and safety is the priority at DAF. That is why we operate with the OHSAS 18001 safety and health management system. Because we want to keep raising the bar, we initiated the "I make the difference" project in 2010, which aims to continuously improve everyone's attitude to and behaviour regarding safety. This is all about not looking the other way, but taking action yourself.

Health & Safety professionals are there to support you in your daily dealings with safety and health — they include safety experts, for example, and company doctors employed by our internal Health and Safety service. You can visit them during consulting hours or make an appointment.

Works Council

The Works Council (WC) at DAF Trucks Eindhoven has 17 members who are chosen by and from our employees. The WC has its own office where you can take any questions you have.

Input from employees

It’s the people who make DAF, so we listen to what our employees say. The Work Consultation Commission is a forum where employees and management regularly exchange information about important issues that affect the different departments and we have operated a suggestion box — now the Ideas Centre — since the 1940s. The knowledge and resourcefulness of our own people can help us to keep improving our levels of safety, quality and efficiency. So if you have a good idea, submit it to us so everybody can benefit… including you!


At DAF, we believe that it is important for everyone to enjoy doing their jobs. That is only possible if people respect and accept one another. If you do encounter undesirable behaviour, however, you can always contact one of our counsellors. Don't put it off, because undesirable behaviour must be stopped immediately.     

Safe and carefree

Whatever you do, wherever you work, we want you to feel comfortable. To feel that you can work in a safe and carefree manner and that you are treated fairly and with respect. That is what DAF stands for.